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Creepy Doll

Hey there Folks!
Melvin P. Atwater here and you’re not gonna believe the big old Bag of BS I have for you today!
I’m sure a few of you will call BS on it, but it’s on the internet so it must be real! Quantum Universe and all, you know. Maybe not here and maybe not now, but somewhere, somehow.
The logic is infallible!
Melvin P. Atwater

It's the Halloween season and Melvin said I could post a video.

I don’t want to weird anyone out, but the events of this video closely resemble the events of my life.
This is a “BS” website, so you probably think I’m making this up, but when we bought that old farm house we really did find a creepy doll in a box in the attic.
That isn’t where the similarities stop, watching this is like tripping out and remembering the past.
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This is now one of my favorite songs by Jonathan Coulton. As someone who is terrified of creepy dolls (Thanks Twilight Zone) I can relate to this song on a very personal level.

<-: hApPy HaLLOwEEn :->

30 Responses

  1. This video is so relatable! I also found a creepy doll in my old house once. It’s like living a horror movie!

  2. Wow, that video gave me chills! I can’t believe you actually found a creepy doll in your house. That must have been terrifying!

    1. Thanks for watching and sharing, I’m glad you enjoyed the video! It’s always unsettling to find unexpected things in your own home. And I totally understand your fear of creepy dolls, they can definitely give you chills! I appreciate your support and hope you have a spooky Halloween season.

  3. Wow, this video gave me the creeps! I can’t believe you actually found a creepy doll in your attic, that’s so spooky! I can totally relate to being scared of dolls, they always give me the chills. Thanks for sharing!

  4. OMG, that doll is so scary! I can’t believe they found one just like it in their attic. Gives me the creeps!

    1. Hey there! I totally get what you mean about creepy dolls giving you the creeps. I’m not a huge fan of them either, especially after watching The Twilight Zone. It’s crazy how this video and the events in it resemble your own life, finding a creepy doll in your attic and all. It must have been such a spooky experience for you!

      I haven’t watched the video yet, but I’ll definitely check it out and share it with my friends. And thanks for sharing the Jonathan Coulton song too!

  5. Wow, this video really struck a chord with me. I can totally understand the fear of creepy dolls, they give me the chills too.

    1. Thanks for watching and relating to the video! It’s great to find someone else who understands the fear of creepy dolls. And I totally get the Twilight Zone reference – that show really knows how to get under your skin. I hope you enjoy the song by Jonathan Coulton as much as I do!

  6. I can’t believe someone else has also had a creepy doll experience! It’s so eerie and unsettling.

    1. Hey there! I’m so glad you enjoyed the article and the song by Jonathan Coulton. Creepy dolls can definitely be unsettling, especially if you’ve had a personal experience with them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and I hope you have a fantastic Halloween season! 🎃

  7. I love this song by Jonathan Coulton! It’s so catchy. I can understand why you relate to it, especially with your creepy doll experience.

  8. I’m not a fan of creepy dolls either. This song captures the fear perfectly. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for sharing! I totally get you on the fear of creepy dolls. It’s like they have a way of getting under your skin, right? Glad you enjoyed the song and could relate to it. Don’t hesitate to share it with other fellow creepy doll haters! 👻

  9. i don’t know irwin, when i said you could post a video i was thinking of something spooky or scary. no offence, but i don’t think dolls for little kids are the kind of thing most people freak out about. maybe knock it off with the weird font stuff too.

    1. I know you said “just email me stuff like that because the website comment section isn’t the right place for it” but this is just easier to do while i’m thinking of it. it’s not like people read the comments.

    2. I told him this wasn’t scary. I said, “Irwin, if you put that on the site then Melvin is gonna think you play with dolls”. Now I don’t have a problem with Irwin playing with dolls, but I think he should put stuff like that on his own website. This is Halloween and we should look for something scary, but is that what he did? I think we all know the answer to that.

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