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How to Play BS

Hey there Folks!
Melvin P. Atwater here and you’re not gonna believe the big old Bag of BS I have for you today!
I’m sure a few of you will call BS on it, but it’s on the internet so it must be real! Quantum Universe and all, you know. Maybe not here and maybe not now, but somewhere, somehow.
The logic is infallible!
Melvin P. Atwater

What is the game of BS?

Oh to be young again! Ignorant of the joy the world holds, just to learn it all again.
{-nostalgic sigh-}
The “Game of BS”, or “Playing BS”, usually refers to one of the greatest card games ever devised.
It’s part luck, part skill and can only be won by using BS.
Some, mostly the misguided and the overly educated, tend to think of BS, in this context, as “lying”.
You gotta start 'em young if you want a chance at them being a BS Champ
People who believe this are generally full of BS and use this line of thought as a way of distracting people from what they have in their other hand.
Think about it.

How to Play the "Game of BS"

First, get a deck of cards, the normal kind, none of that pinochle stuff.
Now you need some other people, real ones, the digital kind don’t count (sorry “Jack”).
Then you need at least two players and preferably less than eight, but if you got more friends, then deal them all in.
You got cards and you’ve got people, but you might wanna think about what’s really important.
You need a deck of cards to play BS
You need more than cards to play BS

You can't yell BS with Parched Lips

Hot drinks, cold drinks, chips, dips, pizza, kabobs, brazed duck, couple bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue, maybe some Mad Dog 20/20 or whatever you’re into.
The point is, you gotta be comfortable when you play.

What about the rules?

According to Business Standard, the ideal way to enjoy Johnnie Walker Blue is neat inside a whisky snifter, a type of glass that enhances aroma, along with a glass of ice water. The purpose of the water is to cleanse your palate after each sip so that you can make the most of every drop of whisky. ~~ Whiskey Stuff ~~
We tip and chug, then chase with Boonies 😉

Rules for playing the "Game of BS"

Choose a dealer – this usually involves insulting the other player’s integrity and belittling their trustworthiness until it devolves into fisticuffs.
Pulling hair, pinching and slapping are generally frowned upon, since those are traditional when picking a dealer for “Old Maid“.
The “player” who cows all of the other players into submission is made “Alpha” and is allowed to deal the cards.
The cards are then dealt clockwise from the “Alpha” to all of the “Betas” or “Sheep”, as Melvin calls them.
Playing the game of BS
Once all of the cards have been dealt, the players should have a near equal number of cards.
How many cards each person has will depend on how many people there are, where they sit in relation to the “Alpha” and how well they paid him, or her, off beforehand.
Now the fun begins, the “Sheep” on the right of the “Alpha” takes all of the “Aces” they have and puts them face down in a pile in the middle of the table, floor, pile of skulls or whatever BS you’re using as a playing surface.
They also announce how many they’ve laid down, kind of like this, “Two Aces” or “One Ace”, etc.
Here’s the kicker, they don’t have to put down Aces.
They can put down whatever they want and it’s up to the other players to decide if they believe them or call “BS”.
If everyone believes them then life goes on and the next sheep plays their cards onto the pile.

If you call BS on someone

When “BS” is called then the player who laid down the cards must turn them over and reveal what cards they added to the pile.
Pro Tip: Just because you say you’re putting down three cards, doesn’t mean you can’t try sneaking in four or more.
If it turns out they didn’t accurately state what cards they laid down, then they have to pick up the entire pile and add it to their hand.
However, if it turns out that they were Honest Abe, then YOU have to pick up the entire pile, their cards and all the others people have gotten rid of without having BS called on them.
The first player does Aces, then the next player does twos, then threes, etc.
When the first person runs out of cards and no one can call BS on their last hand, then you got yourselves a winner.
If you’re playing a tournament game then the players keep going until “X” number of players remain.
FYI – the fewer people, the harder it can be and the longer a game can go on.
The rumor is: Melvin once played a game in New York that lasted through some whole Wall Street protest thing he started as a gag.
Once the game has concluded, it is traditional to crack open another bottle and play again.
Rinse & repeat, ad infinium.
Odds of beating Melvin at BS

Now that you're an expert at playing BS

Did you know we’re having a BS Tournament?
The rumor is: it’s gonna be Epic.

If you think you’re full of it then check it out!

34 Responses

    1. Hey there! If you want to learn from the best, Melvin is definitely the one to school you in BS. Just make sure you’re ready to bring your A-game and have some fun. Good luck in the tournament!

  1. I’ve never heard of the game of BS before, but it sounds like a fun and entertaining card game. I might give it a try with my friends!

    1. Oh wow! You used to play BS when you were a kid? That’s so cool! It really is such a fun game, isn’t it? It’s a cl#flops#ic that never gets old. The “Game of BS” is all about bluffing and trying to trick your opponents. Some people get all serious and think it’s just about lying, but it’s really about strategy and mind games.

      If you want to play, all you need is a deck of cards and some friends to join in. And of

  2. I used to play BS all the time when I was younger. It’s such a fun game to play with friends and family!

  3. BS sounds like a game for people who can’t handle the truth. I’ll stick to games that require honesty and skill.

    1. Oh, to be young and ignorant again! It seems like you might have some misconceptions about the game of BS. It’s not about not being able to handle the truth, my friend. It’s a game that requires a mix of skill and strategy, along with a good dose of BS-ing. It’s all in good fun, of course!

      But hey, if you prefer games that require honesty and skill, that’s totally cool too! Different strokes for different folks, right? We all have our preferences when it

    1. Oh, to be young and playing BS again! It really was so much fun, wasn’t it? The “Game of BS” is an amazing card game that combines luck and skill, and can only be won by using BS. Some people mistakenly think of BS as “lying,” but it’s all part of the game.

      If you want to learn how to play BS, here’s what you need: a deck of cards (none of that pinochle stuff), some real people (digital ones don’t count

    1. Oh, believe me, Melvin is the ultimate BS champion. He can school anyone in the art of BS. Just be prepared for some unconventional tactics and a lot of laughter. You’re in for a wild ride!

    1. Oh, you want Melvin to school you in BS, huh? Well, good luck with that. Melvin is a master of the game, but he’s also a master of BS-ing. Just be prepared to have your mind blown and your ego shattered. But hey, it’ll be a learning experience, right? Enjoy the tournament!

    1. Thanks for your interest in the game of BS! Melvin is always ready to school people in the art of BS. Just be prepared for a wild ride of bluffing and laughter. Good luck in the tournament!

    1. Where’s your spirit doc? It’ll be a lot of fun in the sun and if it rains we’ll party it up at a hotel. personally i’m sleeping on the beach.

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