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It’s a Christmas Miracle!

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Our shi# has finally come in!

The shi# with the new batch of BS has come in and we’re back in stock for Christmas!
That’s not the only news we have either, Melvin has been busy.
He made a few slight alterations to the labels attached on the top of the bags.
Take a look at the new labels below and let us know what you think in the comments.
The BS is back in Stock for Christmas!
Thanks to a few changes Melvin has made, like removing the quigley pin, we have high hopes the days of being out of stock and backordered are a thing of the past.
Then again, people do seem to like BS and we do have the primaries creeping up on us.
Plus the newly revised bag headers are bound to keep the demand for high quality BS Red Hot.
Just look at how sweet they are!

Revised header labels

The front side of the new bag headers
The back side of the new bag headers

New catch phrases for bags are coming soon!

Right now we have 6 catch phrase options for our bags; Your Opinion, Conservatives, Liberals, Republicans, Democrats & Blank.

But we’ve seen a few ideas that we just love and we want to hear from and see what you think.
Just add a comment to the bottom of the page with your choice and if it looks like there are some popular ones (that don’t violate our totally real internal and arbitrary guidelines) then we’ll start squeezing them out.

Help bring a little joy to the world and buy a Bag of BS today!

A little advice from the King of BS

If you can't find joy in the miracle of life then you're just turning yourself into a miserable Bag of BS and while people may enjoy them, nobody should act like them. So grow up, smile, take the BS and do something great with it!

42 Responses

    1. Melvin is just talking about adding some new tag lines, like “Your Opinion”. We’ve had some ideas sent to us and we were hoping to get some more ideas here in the comments and see what people like the most.

        1. No, just no. If they puts Mondays on the bags I’m done. Somethings are funny and some things are so cringe they hurt.

      1. It would be awesome if you could do custom prints and let people put what they want on the bags. My brother in law is named Nick and between you and me, my sister would love a bag that says “Nick”.

          1. That wouldn’t work, he’d need to mail to himself and then give it to her. Half the fun is getting it in the mail and not knowing where it came from. If they did custom labels then she’d get it in the mail, pull it out and probably get a good laugh without her husband knowing who sent it. Ha, it would probably drive him nuts for a whle before he fesses up.

    1. They should do holidays – I bet they would have sold a ton that said “Christmas” and they’d probably sell out in February again if they do “Valentines” – just think about how many people have been looking for just this kind of thing to express how they feel about it.

      1. Not me, I like the political stuff. I think they should talk to trump and get permission to put his name on them. Just think about for a second, he would probably sign off on it because he knows people would be saving a piece of cow #flops# as a memento, something tells me he’d get a kick out of it.

  1. I vote for government agencies – I think a bag of “The DMV” or “The EPA” or just about any 3 letter agency, except the IRS. Do NOT #flops# with the IRS, do not even joke about the IRS and under no cir#flops#stances should you look in a mirror and repeat IRS 3 times. The rest of them, who cares, none of them are competent enough to worry about.

    1. sounds like you know where the primaries are going, but no chance the cali boy will ever get the ticket. too much baggage in the family and it’s too apparent he’s… well to be blunt he’s a Bag of BS.

    2. If you do states you could upset a lot of people, I live in California and it’s actually quite beautiful. Not everything here is all smog and trash, we get a lot of negative news because we’re the size of a country and hold a great deal of economic power. People love to tear things down, but this is the best state in the whole country, which is why we have such a huge population. If they do states then it’s going to upset a lot of people and I don’t think they want that.

  2. can’t make up my mind – kind of came into the thread a bit late. holidays, government agencies, state names, big city names – honestly, they need to do custom labels. someone else mentioned it above and i think that’s the best idea. then they break it down to just 2 products, blank (which is lower priced) and then “custom” and they accept up to 20 characters or something. they can print the tag on clear labels like they do now, but with a single feed printer. then they just custom print at time of order.

    1. that sounds like a totally great idea. but what if they go retail? any big box that has a garden section would carry them if they brought the price down. right now it’s the cost of the anonymous shipping that makes them pricey, but at $9.95 a bag hanging near the register they’d fly off the hanger. look how they’re packaged, it’s obvious they’re meant to hang.

    1. i emailed farley and #flops# about it and told both of them to move it too. you’d think one of you three could get it figured out.

      1. Melvin, if you email two people separately and ask both of them to move the image then what do you think will happen? Hey, Before I forget, could you please get farley to fix this stupid system so my name stops coming up as #flops#, every time I ask him he just giggles.

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