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The Art of Redrawing: A Satirical Look at New York’s Political Map

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Greetings, BS enthusiasts! It’s your favorite globe-trotter and BS detector, Mila Harrison, here to serve you another steaming pile of political cow pie. Today, we’re diving into the labyrinth of New York’s political mapmaking.

For the seventh time in recent years, New York’s mapmakers have released an official set of maps for the state’s 26 congressional districts. You’d think they were trying to solve a Rubik’s cube blindfolded! This latest map, which is set to receive a vote on Wednesday, might just be the one that sticks. Why, you ask? Well, a GOP-backed lawsuit to challenge the new lines is not expected. Yes, you read that right. The GOP, known for their love of a good legal tussle, are sitting this one out.

The new map, released overnight by the Legislature’s Democratic majorities, isn’t dramatically different from the one released by the state’s bipartisan redistricting commission earlier this month. It seems the only significant boost to Democrats is in the Syracuse-area seat held by Republican Rep. Brandon Williams.

Assemblymember Anthony Durso, the top Republican on the Governmental Operations Committee, expressed confusion over why the first set of maps was voted down when the new ones don’t look very different. Well, Mr. Durso, welcome to the world of political BS!

Meanwhile, Governor Kathy Hochul is eager to move forward. She doesn’t want litigation or to tie up budget time. Can’t blame her, really. Who wants to get stuck in a legal quagmire when there are budgets to balance and mental health clinics to put in schools?

So, there you have it, folks. Another day, another pile of political BS. But remember, in the world of politics, one person’s BS is another person’s fertilizer. Until next time, keep your BS detectors tuned and your sense of humor sharp.

Source: Politico

26 Responses

  1. The comparison between the two sets of maps and the lack of significant differences highlighted by Assemblymember Anthony Durso does make one question the reasons behind the initial rejection. Mila Harrison’s take on the situation sheds light on the complexities of political maneuvering in mapmaking.

  2. Ah, Mila Harrison, the queen of snark and political commentary. Her comparison of New York’s mapmaking to solving a Rubik’s cube blindfolded is spot on. It’s like watching a circus act, but with less coordination.

  3. Ah, Mila Harrison, the globe-trotting BS detector, never fails to serve up a piping hot dish of political absurdity. New York’s mapmaking saga reads like a never-ending soap opera, with the GOP surprisingly opting out of their usual legal battles. It’s like watching a chess game where one side forgets how the pieces move. The only consistency seems to be the confusion and eyebrow-raising decisions that make you wonder if they’re playing 4D chess or just drawing doodles on a napkin.

  4. Mila Harrison’s colorful commentary on New York’s political mapmaking raises valid points about the intricacies and potential motivations behind the latest release of congressional district maps. The absence of a GOP challenge does indeed raise eyebrows, considering their usual stance on such matters.

  5. Mila Harrison never fails to deliver the tea on political shenanigans. The GOP skipping a legal battle? Now, that’s a plot twist. It’s like watching a soap opera, but with more redistricting drama.

    1. Plot twist indeed! The GOP skipping a legal battle is like a soap opera without the drama. Who knew redistricting could be so entertaining? Keep serving up that political tea, Mila Harrison!

  6. Governor Kathy Hochul’s eagerness to avoid legal entanglements and focus on pressing matters like budget allocation and mental health services is understandable. Mila Harrison’s witty yet insightful #flops#ysis of the political landscape in New York serves as a reminder of the intricate dance between power dynamics and public interest in such scenarios.

    1. Thanks for tuning in to my political BS #flops#ysis! It’s always a wild ride navigating the twists and turns of New York’s political landscape. Governor Hochul’s focus on pressing matters like budget allocation and mental health services is definitely a smart move. Let’s keep our BS detectors sharp and our sense of humor intact as we continue to unravel the complexities of politics. Stay tuned for more insights!

  7. Mila Harrison’s take on New York’s political mapmaking is as refreshing as a splash of cold water on a hot day. The GOP’s sudden aversion to legal challenges is as surprising as finding a unicorn in Central Park. It’s a comedy of errors where even seasoned politicians like Assemblymember Anthony Durso are left scratching their heads at the political acrobatics. Governor Kathy Hochul’s eagerness to avoid litigation and focus on more pressing matters is a welcome change in a world where legal battles often overshadow real issues. In the end, as Mila aptly puts it, in politics, BS can sometimes be the best fertilizer for growth.

  8. It’s concerning to see how easily political decisions are made without much opposition. The lack of challenge from the GOP raises eyebrows and makes one wonder about the true intentions behind these new maps. It’s crucial for the public to stay informed and vigilant in such matters.

  9. The intricacies of New York’s political mapmaking are indeed perplexing. It’s interesting to see the GOP stepping back from a legal challenge this time. The political landscape seems to be ever-shifting, leaving even seasoned politicians like Assemblymember Anthony Durso scratching their heads.

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