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The Far Right’s Rise in the French Parliamentary Election: A Historical Moment

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Voting started early in Canada, part of France’s 11 constituencies for expats abroad. France is gearing up for a parliamentary election that could make history, with the far right closer to power than ever before in modern times.

The National Rally (RN) of Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella are currently leading in the polls, just three weeks after their victory in the European elections. President Emmanuel Macron’s call for a national vote has set the stage for a pivotal election, with over 2.6 million voters registered to vote by proxy, indicating a high expected turnout.

This two-round election will determine most of the National Assembly’s 577 seats, with the final run-off vote scheduled for next Sunday. The short 20-day campaign has allowed RN to refine its promises on immigration, insecurity, and tax cuts to address the cost-of-living crisis.

Jordan Bardella aims to become RN’s first prime minister, with the party confident of winning numerous constituencies outright in the first round. However, Bardella insists on securing an absolute parliamentary majority of 289 seats to accept the role.

If the polls are accurate, many run-off battles will likely pit the National Rally against a left-wing alliance called New Popular Front. In previous elections, parties across the spectrum have united to keep the far right out of power.

RN’s efforts to shed its extremist image have been ongoing, focusing on policies such as ‘national preference’ for jobs and housing, VAT cuts on energy, and tax exemptions for under-30s. The party’s stance on abolishing automatic French citizenship for children born to foreign parents has garnered both support and criticism.

President Macron’s Ensemble alliance is expected to lose seats, with Gabriel Attal’s position as prime minister in jeopardy. The snap election has stirred controversy, with critics questioning the timing amidst major events like the Euro 2024 and the upcoming Paris Olympics.

The divisions between parties are deep, and the time is short for concerted action to prevent RN from gaining power. As France stands at a crossroads, the outcome of this election will undoubtedly shape the country’s political landscape for years to come.

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