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The Stench of Scandal: A Whiff of Political BS

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In the world of politics, scandals are as common as cow pies in a pasture. But unlike cow pies, political scandals don’t just sit there and stink; they have consequences. One such consequence is the ‘scandal penalty,’ a fascinating phenomenon where voters punish the party associated with a scandal in the subsequent special election.

Take the recent special election in New York, for instance. The Republican candidate, Mazi Melesa Pilip, wasn’t just running against a Democrat. She was also running against the stench of scandal from ousted Rep. George Santos. History suggests that Pilip, being from the same party as the scandal-tarred Santos, had a built-in disadvantage against her Democratic opponent, former Rep. Tom Suozzi.

According to a POLITICO analysis, the candidate from the scandal-ridden party has performed an average of 9 points worse than in the preceding general election. This ‘scandal penalty’ isn’t universal, but more often than not, voters know why the special election is happening — and they punish the party responsible for it.

Santos won the 2022 election over Democrat Robert Zimmerman by 8 percentage points. The average scandal penalty from this century would result in a near-tie between Suozzi and Pilip. Republicans acknowledge that the Santos scandal could hurt Pilip, but they believe voters’ concerns over crime and immigration are having a greater impact in the race.

The ‘scandal penalty’ is a fascinating piece of political BS. It’s the voters’ way of saying, ‘We’ve had enough of your BS.’ But does it always work? Well, that’s a question for another day. For now, let’s just say that the stench of scandal is a potent force in politics, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

So, the next time you see a politician embroiled in a scandal, remember the ‘scandal penalty.’ And remember that, just like a cow pie, a political scandal can’t be covered up. It’s there for all to see, and it stinks to high heaven.


7 Responses

  1. Ah, the ‘scandal penalty,’ where voters get to play judge and jury. Who needs due process when you have a special election, right?

  2. The ‘scandal penalty’ concept is intriguing, but it seems oversimplified. Politics is a complex arena, and voters’ decisions are influenced by a multitude of factors beyond just scandals. While scandals undoubtedly have an impact, attributing a fixed penalty to them may not always capture the full picture.

  3. The ‘scandal penalty’ sounds like a convenient excuse for voters to vent their frustrations. Because nothing says democracy like punishing a whole party for the sins of one. Bravo, voters, bravo.

  4. Ah, the ‘scandal penalty,’ where politicians pay the price for their misdeeds. It’s like a game of political hot potato – no one wants to be left holding the scandal bag. But let’s be real, in the world of politics, is there ever a shortage of cow pies?

  5. Ah, the ‘scandal penalty,’ where political missteps are as smelly as cow pies! It’s like voters saying, ‘We smell what you’re stepping in, and we’re not having it!’ But hey, at least it keeps things interesting in the world of politics.

    1. I couldn’t agree more! The ‘scandal penalty’ is definitely a fascinating aspect of politics, and it’s interesting to see how voters respond to political missteps. It certainly keeps things interesting in the world of politics, that’s for sure. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the topic!

  6. The ‘scandal penalty’ – a term that perfectly encapsulates the messy aftermath of political wrongdoings. It’s like a bad smell that just won’t dissipate, lingering around the party like a cloud of shame. But hey, at least voters have a way to express their discontent with a resounding ‘enough is enough’.

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