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Hear ye! Hear ye!

The King of BS has a pronouncement for all!

What's this site really all about?

It seems to us that there’s a whole lot of upset people these days. Folks mad enough to resort to some uncivilized behavior. There’s people getting so upset they’re burning down their own cities!
Can you imagine being so upset you’d just burn everything down all around you?
We just keep feeding that anger and it gets us nowhere.
It’s a Bag of BS is what it is!
Certified BS
Wouldn’t hurt for us to calm down a bit, look at things with a different perspective, maybe find better ways to channel our dissatisfaction.

If we want to live in a civilization then we need to start acting civilized!

Disagree with someone? Fine, let’s find a way to communicate how you feel that isn’t going to tear it all down.
Let them know that even though you disagree you still think they can help make the world a better place, if they choose.
A Bag of BS is an all natural, organic gift that nourishes the soil and allows things to grow and prosper.
What better way of getting your point across than giving someone a wonderful gift like that?
If they really want to live in a better world then they’ll pick up on what you’re telling them.
If not? Well that’s on them isn’t it?
We all have a choice in making this a better world and our response to the actions of others is very telling in what it is we really want.
Just think of the look on their face when they open the bag!
If their’s isn’t a look of joy, then maybe yours will be?

That's what this world needs! Joy and happiness!

I can’t think of anything that would bring more joy than seeing all those faces light up when they see what wonderful gifts they’ve received.
Just imagine all those people with their Bags of BS. Little bundles of potential waiting to see what wonderful things they’ll grow!
What an absolutely brilliant thing that would be and with your help, we can bring some true happiness to the world.

Disagree with someone?

Do the civilized thing and give them a gift that shows how you feel and bring a little joy to the world.

Help bring a little joy to the world and buy a Bag of BS today!

A little advice from the King of BS

If you can't find joy in the miracle of life then you're just turning yourself into a miserable Bag of BS and while people may enjoy them, nobody should act like them. So grow up, smile, take the BS and do something great with it!

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