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Did someone send you a Bag of BS? Click Here

Bag of B.S.

The Gift that shows how you care!

100% Cow Manure in a Bag

An all natural gift, packaged to look... all natural!

Basically it's a Bag of B.S. that's labeled... appropriately ;-)

Limit one per order - Please see our Bulk order page for large orders - thanks!


We give you the one… the only… the marvelous and incredible…

Bag of B.S. - One of Nature’s Greatest Fertilizers!

The Gift that shows how you care!

It's the easy way to say...

Here's your BS back!
(Insert applause here)
Contains 100% Cow Manure in a Bag – made in America!
Basically it’s a Bag of B.S. and packaged so it looks… natural.
Choose from six different labels that start with:
“Basically, this is a Bag of BS, kind of like…”
And end with one of these six:
  1. Your Opinion
  2. Conservatives
  3. Liberals
  4. Republicans
  5. Democrats
  6. BLANK (so you can write your own!)
New Bags of BS Labels - Front
New Bags of BS Labels - Back

Just think how happy your conservative and liberal friends will be when they open their gifts!

Just the thought makes us smile 😉

100% Vitamin B.S.
Think of all the joy you could bring the world!

BS makes strawberries sweeter!

BS makes tomatoes juicier!

BS makes watermelons bigger!

BS also helps grow some of the prettiest Roses, Tulips and other flowers that feed the bees that make honey!

All of those things are good for the World!

That's right! BS can help grow a Better world!

A Bag of BS is the gift that let's the recipient experience the miracle of life and the joy of growing something wonderful!

When was the last time you got something special for your Father In-law or your Boss?

What about your kid’s teacher or the head of your school board, maybe they like gardening?

What about your husband or your wife?

Don’t they deserve a wonderful gift that shows how you care?

Just think about how much joy that could bring!


Couldn’t someone get upset?

Huh – well, sure – people get upset over the silliest things so we suppose it’s possible one or two people might not like such a fine gift.

They sit there pouting, all upset because they think they’re sitting next to a worthless Bag of BS.

Is it weird that the Bag could be thinking the same thing?

Perspective people, it’s all about perspective and that’s no BS 😉


Just imagine the look on their face when they see how much you care!

Our Bags of BS contain 100% dried cow manure in a bag and packed with straw, then vacuum sealed so they look more… natural and can be saved as a memento or given as a gift.

When opened they have a pleasant, earthy smell and can be used as a soil amendment to help enrich the nutritional value of the soil to help plants grow strong and healthy.

Unless you’re planning to hang it on a wall, or keep it tucked away as a memento, then you’ll want to use common sense when mixing into your soil and make sure it’s appropriate for the plants you’re growing.

Not all living things can appreciate the power of BS and a little fertilizer can go a long way. Don’t over do it – too much BS could kill some plants, it’s just that good!

Is this legal?
Generally speaking, yeah it is – why wouldn’t it be?
As long as you’re not harassing someone it should be fine.
Learn more here!

When you purchase from us you are agreeing that you are abiding by all laws and are not intending to harass, intimidate or violate any other rules, regulations or restrictions of any jurisdiction that your actions might fall under.
We don’t condone that kind of behavior and expect our customers to be at least somewhat civilized.

Did someone send you a Bag of BS? Click Here

BS Customer Reviews


“I'm not a real person, but if I was then you better believe I'd give this 5 stars. I'd also visit Paris. Heck, I'd give it 10 stars and visit Istanbul too and that's no BS!”


“I'm a fake person, but I still gave this 4.5 stars. Would have given it five, but I'm a naturally surly person who's never really happy. You know the type, full of BS.”