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Privacy Policy

Look, let’s be honest.

This is the internet, generally speaking you have no privacy.

What do we do with your information?

Uhm, would we believe we don’t sell it?

Generally speaking our policy is to keep things on the down low, but have you ever seen a three foot stack of hundred dollar bills?

Have you ever seen 5 stacks like that?

Well neither have we, but if someone shows up with some big stacks like that then who are we to BS about things.

Besides, if you’re harassing someone or using our service to break a law and someone shows up with a badge then we’re going to do what’s right.

Would you rather this page be filled with a whole bunch of legal mumbo jumbo that basically says the same thing but somehow makes you think your info is all safe and warm and fuzzy somewhere?

Some big fancy words that make it seem like nothing in the world could ever pry your info from our hands?

Hey, we love BS as much as anyone, but in this particular case let’s not BS around about privacy on the internet. We try to keep things on the dl, but if officer friendly shows up or somebody offers big stacks of cash…

If it makes you feel better, here’s some legal sounding BS that means squat.

Whereby the first party of the second part does hereby and further more intend, with all due diligence, to protect and hold all such data as the first party of the second part of the intended receiver of such data does hereby and furthermore unto this day in the jurisdiction of the second party’s first part of the policy and therefore all other provisions, except the ones giving us whatever we want are hereto null and void with the exclusion of all exceptions.

Yeah, feel better now? All safe and cozy?

Privacy policy – now that’s some BS right there.

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A little advice from the King of BS

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