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All Hail the King!

Everything you never wanted to know about this BS

How did this BS get started?

His Most Royal Majesty, King of BS and Champion of Civility - Melvin P. Atwater, Defender of the Bag and Steward of the Eternal Pile is the result of a long life of hard work and even harder play by the man proclaimed by those who know him as the King of BS, Melvin Atwater.
At a young age most people realized BS was Melvin’s destiny. He was raised in the country in a small farm town named Liberty|Cool River|Dusty Meadows|Big Mound|Pile High Peak.
The sweet smell of cow manure and fresh cut hay seemed to portend his future endeavors.
Despite seeing more than one drunken barn dance|UFO|cattle stampede|barn raisin’|tractor parade|Bessie Bingo Game and what may or may not have been some kind of midwest pig pickin’|Big Foot|Cupacabra|death race|tea party, he found it hard to leave rural life behind to attend college.
But the lure of all night keggers and short skirts proved too strong of a call and eventually, despite great reluctance, he got himself semi-educated.
After college, and once all charges were dropped, he entered the work force and became a tax refund recipient, dreaming of the day he’d make so much they’d take darn near 50% of it and still audit him every other year.
Then came that fateful day when he was driving down the highway, his toupee flapping in the breeze, when he caught that beautiful scent of cow manure and fresh hay.
That’s when he heard a loud pop and discovered he was the proud recipient of a blow out.
With a smile he pulled over to the side of the road and began changing his tire.
As luck would have it he dropped the spare and, as tires are prone to do, it rolled down the ditch, up the other side and right into the pasture.
Our BS Grows the Prettiest Flowers
In a daze he walked into the field and stepped on a cow pie and then, as the legend goes, got the whiff of an idea.
When he rushed home that day he didn’t even bother to wipe off his shoes as he grabbed his wife by the shoulders.
She says, “What’s that smell?!”
With a twinkle in his eye he said, “That my dear, THAT is the smell of the FUTURE!”

Oh how right he was!

If you can’t smell the BS in the air these days then you’re just not paying attention to the news.

The Whole BS Crew

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Melvin Atwater, affectionately known as the "King of BS," is the charismatic force behind the creation of His journey from a rural upbringing in Liberty, a small farm town, to becoming the purveyor of all things BS, is a testament to his unique blend of wit, humor, and determination.
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72 posts
Chuck U. Farley grew up as close friends with Dirk, Irwin and Melvin. His sense of humor definitely trends toward absurdity, but he's also known as a prankster and often makes Irwin the subject of his gags. His writing often includes outrageous made up stories that poke fun at Irwin. Farley has a hard time being serious, even when discussing serious matters but there's one thing he believes deeply in, there's a lot of BS out there and it's about time we learn how to deal with it and his personal method is using a smile and a laugh.
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67 posts
Irwin Rhoads is the yin to Chuck U. Farley's whimsical yang. He is a steadfast and serious-minded individual who shares a long history with Chuck, Dirk, and Melvin. Irwin's disposition is marked by dry humor and a sense of drollery, providing a perfect foil to Chuck's zany antics. He is a key member of the team at, where he, along with Chuck, Dirk, and Melvin, works diligently to tackle the rampant issues of misinformation and deceit. His goal is to expose the BS in the world around us and does so in a wonderfully serious and satirical manner that shows the value of his dry wit.
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63 posts
Dirk Turnpin, the steadfast anchor of the group, was born in London before relocating to their current hometown as a child. He shares a deep-rooted friendship with Chuck U. Farley, Irwin Rhoads, and Melvin, providing a sense of stability and rationality in their often chaotic world. Dirk's role within, alongside his childhood friends, is crucial in ensuring that their mission to combat misinformation is balanced and methodical.
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51 posts
Eli Harrison is a passionate and talented young author hailing from the deep south. With his strong Christian faith, he believes in using his writing skills to inspire and bring positivity to the world. Eli graduated with a Math Degree, which has honed his analytical thinking and attention to detail. He is not only a skilled writer but also a captivating public speaker.Eli's love for running has turned him into a dedicated cross country runner. The discipline and perseverance he has developed through his running journey is reflected in his writing style. Moreover, his multilingual abilities allow him to connect with a wide range of readers as he can fluently speak English, Spanish, and French.
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50 posts
Mila Harrison is a passionate writer and a globe-trotting enthusiast. With a knack for connecting with people from diverse cultures, Mila finds inspiration for her writing in the stories and experiences she encounters during her travels. She believes that the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. Mila's writing style is infused with humor and wit, making her stories engaging and relatable to readers of all backgrounds. When she is not busy exploring new destinations, Mila enjoys playing pranks on her friends and family, always keeping the atmosphere light-hearted and fun.
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A little advice from the King of BS

If you can't find joy in the miracle of life then you're just turning yourself into a miserable Bag of BS and while people may enjoy them, nobody should act like them. So grow up, smile, take the BS and do something great with it!