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Did someone send you a Bag of BS? Click Here

Did someone send you a bag of BS?

Congratulations & Rejoice!

You hold in your hands one of nature’s greatest fertilizers!

Imagine all the wonderful things you can do with a Bag of BS!

You could grow some of the sweetest strawberries you’ve ever tasted!

Or maybe juicy red tomatoes, the kind you eat right off the vine!

Oh! Imagine the GIANT Watermelons you could grow!

Then there’s the flowers; roses and tulips, along with all the other beautiful things you can grow!

Smile - you'll live longer and feel better because of it!

Whoever sent this probably wants to help you grow a better world.

Imagine that, they cared enough about you to give a gift that you can use for so many wonderful things.

What a fantastic thing they’ve done for you!

We hope you’ve accepted their gift with the spirit it’s intended and use it for something amazing.

If you have time it would be great if you shared some pictures of what you grow. The world would love to see how you handle it when someone gives you a Bag of BS!

It's all how you look at it

If you’re one of those whinny type people, who get all upset about everything and can’t see the good in anything, then you might not realize what a wonderful thing you have.

Little advice, take it or leave it, but you have a choice in how you see things in the world. If someone gives you a Bag of BS, why not smile and show them how you’ll use it to grow something amazing.

It’s either that or wallow in anger and self pity, just you and what you think is a worthless bag of bs.

Is it weird that the bag would be thinking the same thing?

It’s funny and not everyone is so sensitive. We know some of you will probably hang your bags on a wall or save them in a safe place as a memento. A safety deposit box would be understandable and not at all over the top, armed guards might be pushing it, but stranger things have been done.

We wouldn’t blame you, they’re a precious reminder of the miracle of life and where it all starts and that’s worth defending.

The wonder and beauty of life really is inspiring.

Puts a smile on my face every time I look at mine.

Put a smile on your face and share the joy!

Now that you understand what a wonderful thing you have then maybe you can think of someone in your life that might need a little joy and something to help them grow a better world. We know the perfect gift 😉

Help bring a little joy to the world and buy a Bag of BS today!

A little advice from the King of BS

If you can't find joy in the miracle of life then you're just turning yourself into a miserable Bag of BS and while people may enjoy them, nobody should act like them. So grow up, smile, take the BS and do something great with it!

Have a Wonderful Day!